Sunday, August 19, 2012

check me out

hello, blog. i'm suddenly inspired to type (again) because after thirty five years, four months and seventeen days, i have finally discovered at least one of my passions: re-making modern/vintage/slightly hippie inspired jewelry out of antique junk, baubles and treasures. i wanted to post some pics on my, pretty much, silent blog (insert cricket chirps) because i'm so proud of what i'm doing at the moment. i have always loved anything old, especially if it's not perfect. my favorite thing to do, on this planet, is rummage through junk shops, thrift stores and especially antique & flea markets and having found a reason to do this for a "job" is making me so happy! so, basically i look for cool, old jewelry that catches my eye. i collect a diverse variety, then bring them home to my dining room table/work bench and re-work them into more modern/hippie-esque/edgy statement pieces. i started with earrings (hoops) and am now having fun with necklaces. they're all about imperfection still being beautiful. i think that should be my mantra. i'm working on starting a website where they will be available to buy online. i currently have some earrings on display and for sale at a couple AWESOME local shops here in charlottesville. SCARPA and ELOISE are really darling little boutiques and i'm so lucky and grateful to be on their radar! i hope anyone who happens upon this page in blog space will check them out. also, check out my pinterest page if you're interested in having a gander at my baubles!!! thanks for reading this, y'all! peace out, for now.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

how my garden grows, yo

so(w), our garden grows! not sure why i'm always surprised when the tiny vegetable appears and then is actually edible. we had freshly plucked radishes last night in our dinner salads. they were f'ing delightful. having a garden is so rewarding and so simple, really. makes me wonder if that's true in life, in general. (deep thoughts) anyway, wanted to share some picks of our little raised beds, several weeks and much rain later. i love spring.

Saturday, April 7, 2012


wow, i've been MIA for a long time! been wanting to get back on here and blog but we've had a lot going on and i can always find an excuse. (i'm good at that) things like selling houses, living in friends guest cottages, trying to keep 5 dogs calm during the transition, gutting a little old cottage, building a giant addition, moving in and living in construction, WINTER, momma's cancer crap, family drama, mid life crisis's (i turned 35), baby talk, yeah--life. i'll post some pics of our remodel/renovate/rebuild later but what has inspired this re-entry into blog land is SPRING! and spring makes me wanna garden. it makes me actually FEEL like i'm morphing into martha. (well, a gentler, hipper, younger martha) anyway, i scribbled out a plan on my ipad and husband is living up to his reputation of being a renaissance man... he's out there turning my imagination station into real shit. it's magical. i'm thinking little square, raised garden beds. each one will have different veggies/herbs and then we're gonna turn this sweet little old outbuilding that came with the cottage into a chicken coop. coup. whatever. unless i hear that chickens are a bad idea between now and the next several weeks... i'm liking the idea of being a little more domesticated again and we are finally starting to settle, in our new digs. so the timing is just right!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

the official "before" photo

so, a lot has changed since last i updated. i think if i can manage to update once a week, this blog might actually turn into a learning tool for anyone who might be building, adding or just re doing a house. mostly a what NOT to do kind of blog, but you see my point. we did this ten years ago (built a house), then again five years ago (built an addition on said house) and here we are again, building permit in hand, husband and i looking at each other in disbelief that we are doing it all again! selling our house in a total shit economy was the hard part. that's what i keep telling myself, anyway. i'm pretty sure i blocked out any of the bad bits of building-because i do vaguely remember uttering the words, "...never do this again..." a time or two. thousand. but i digress. we are past "the hard part" and onto the exciting part. we drew out our imagination house, loosely inspired by my personal favorite architects amaze-balls houses, hugh newell jacobsen. husband got the building permit today while i was lunching with my girlfriends. as soon as our tenants remove themselves from our little, old house (long story) we can start this adventure. first things first, here's what we did: a year and a half or so ago, we put our house on the market with a tiny seed of "wouldn't it be fun to make money, pay off some bills AND build another beautiful house, only closer to town so we can cut back on our commute AND not drive on a dirt road everyday" in our imagination stations (brains). don't get me wrong, we LOVEd our house, but that first part about paying off bills really spoke to us. we priced it way too high and it SAT there, sadly on the market for a very long while. we dealt with an almost buyer who although did fall in love with our home, also happened to be bat shit crazy and pretty much NOT do everything she said she'd do. that was a bummer, but this is why i believe what's meant to be will be. after that, we lowered the price quite a bit and still we waited. upon the expert advice of a friend/realtor, i went online and bought a "st. joseph" statue that i promptly buried in the yard and we said some weird prayer (that came with the statue) every day for two weeks. YES i felt crazy and NO i'm not particularly religious or believe-y, but after bat shit woman, i was willing to try just about anything. along came evan and katherine. it was a genuine st. joseph miracle. young and fun, naturally they reminded me of us a few years back-all excited to take care of 11 acres and weeds and well, simply stated: country life. i'm sure our house is as smitten with them as they are with the house. it was meant to be. we closed last week. we had already bought a tiny, old cottage a little closer to town and NOT on a dirt road, with a little less acreage and came out with a LOT less debt. and i'm all fuzzy inside when i think about how much our buyers love their new house. (gosh, that's weird to say their house) so back to the cottage. this is the official "before" photo. not that it's not super cute and cozy just the way it is, but we are about to pimp that shit UP. and out. and even down. (just sayin) if it weren't for the current monsoon downpour, we'd be starting today. obstacle number one: moving the septic field because although there are 3 acres of land with our house, previous builders chose to put the septic field in the EXACT wrong place for adding on later. sigh. and so it begins.............

Thursday, July 7, 2011

my newest crush

i swear i am not a stalker, but i am head over heels in love with emily henderson of secrets of a stylist on hgtv. i can honestly say that i've never enjoyed a single hgtv show until now. i stumbled upon it accidentally, started tivo'ing it and now i cannot WAIT for the new season premier which starts this saturday! i promise you i am never excited about a television show. this girl is amazing. i feel like we were separated at birth-i love her style so much it feels like she knows me. that's where i catch myself starting to sound creepy and stalkery. (sorry) i can't help myself...check out some of her stuff. and watch her show this saturday, you will love it.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

i love the seventies

i must admit i go a little crazy for anything from the 1970's. i was born in '77 so maybe that has something to do with it. i mean, don't get me wrong there were some serious uglies from that time period but when i think about the giant wedge shoes, floppy hats and feminine, sheer blouses tucked into high waisted jeans, i get happy. the fluid, natural looking furniture pieces-a lot of wood and soft, buttery leather... i could go on and on... i have some wicker hanging basket chairs from that time and they are some of my favorite pieces. i also love craigslist. i happened upon this 70's vintage, danish beauty last week and had to have it. a friend of mine said it reminds her of an old pair of frye boots and i couldn't agree more. what's even better is it was SUPER cheap and nothing beats that feeling when you find something you love and get an amazing deal on it to boot. i can't wait to work it into a room when (IF) we ever get over to our new house!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


i realize elle decor's newest cover house is everywhere online right now, but i couldn't help myself. i have fallen in love with courtney because of her brilliant design style. simple yet well thought out. modern and clean. and the real knife in the gut twister? the sea view in the background. my eyes are literally in pain from seeing so much goodness. she even has a massimo vitali hanging on the wall! are we sisters from another mother? and i really want to paint my own version of that amaze-balls painting she's standing next to. i rarely see a house tour in a magazine where i am gaga for every tiny thing. attention must be paid. props yo. i love every tiny inch of it.